Tales From the Old West Volume 2

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tales from the old west ii.jpg

Tales From the Old West Volume 2


Blackstone Audio presents a special collection of three memorable stories by the finest Western writers who ever lived, each read by an award-winning narrator: Tappan’s Burro by Zane Grey, Black Jack by Max Brand, and The Trail to Crazy Man by Louis L’Amour.

“Tappan’s Burro” by Zane Grey

Prospecting was lonely business for Tappan, but his burro Jenet was good company, and she knew the trails and waterholes better than he did. Together they faced murderers and swindlers, the hellish winds of Death Valley, and the killer snows of the high range. She tracked with him faithfully, his only friend, and he repaid her with a supreme effort of heart, will, and spirit. Never has the strong bond between man and beast been better illustrated than in this classic Western tale.

“Black Jack” by Max Brand

When gunfighter Black Jack Hollis was killed, spinster Elizabeth Cornish took in the man’s infant son, despite her brother’s warnings that “bad blood will out.” The boy was headstrong and wild. Would he break laws—and hearts—like his infamous father?

“The Trail to Crazy Man” by Louis L’Amour

Shanghaied into forced labor on a merchant vessel, Charles Rodney dies aboard ship from repeated beatings—but not before deeding part of his ranch to Rafe Caradec, whom he hopes will protect his family.

“Tappan’s Burro” © 1928 by the Curtis Publishing Company, Inc. © renewed 1951 by Zane Grey, Inc. © 2002 by Zane Grey, Inc., for restored material. “Black Jack” originally published in 1921. “The Trail to Crazy Man” © 1948 by Better Publications

Read by Christopher Lane and Patrick Cullen.  13 cds, 15 hours, unabridged.

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