Cat Poems

cat poems new directions.jpg
cat poems new directions.jpg

Cat Poems


I stumbled on the fact that Ezra Pound sees himself as a cat man.

—Charles Olson 

A gorgeous gift edition, dedicated to the mystery, grace, and charm of the cat.

Across the ages, cats have provided their adopted humans with companionship, affection, mystery, and innumerable metaphors; cats cast a mirror on their beholders; cats endlessly captivate and hypnotize, frustrate and delight. And to poets, in particular, these enigmatic creatures are the most delightful and beguiling of muses (Charles Baudelaire: “the sole source of amusement in one’s lodgings”) as they go about purring, prowling, hunting, playing, meowing, and napping, often oblivious to their so-called masters (Jorge Luis Borges: “you live in other time, lord of your realm—a world as closed and separate as a dream”).

There are too many poems
About cats. Beware of cat
Lovers, they have a hidden
Frustration somewhere and will
Stick you with it if they can.

—Kenneth Rexroth 

If I were not Christian, I would worship the cat.

—Muriel Spark 

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