The Backyard Beekeeper

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The Backyard Beekeeper


The Backyard Beekeeper, now in its 4th edition, makes the time-honored and complex tradition of beekeeping an enjoyable and accessible backyard pastime that will appeal to urban and rural beekeepers of all skill levels.
More than a guide to beekeeping, this handbook features expert advice for:

  • Setting up and caring for your own colonies

  • Selecting the best location to place your new bee colonies for their safety and yours

  • The most practical and nontoxic ways to care for your bees

  • Swarm control

  • Using top bar hives

  • Harvesting the products of a beehive and collecting and using honey

  • Bee problems and treatments

What's New?

  • Information for urban bees and beekeepers

  • Using your smoker the right way

  • Better pest management

  • Providing consistent and abundant good food

  • Keeping your hives healthy

With this complete resource and the expert advice ofBee Cultureeditor Kim Flottum, your bees will be healthy, happy, and more productive.

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