Purple Lizard Map: Michaux


Purple Lizard Map: Michaux


One of PA's most popular playgrounds!
Adventures for all your customers!

  • One of the most popular outdoor recreation playgrounds in Pennsylvania (12 million people live within a 100 mile radius of Michaux)

  • Less than 3 hours from Philly, Pittsburgh, D.C., and Williamsport.  2 hours from Baltimore MD and State College, PA.

  • 85,000 + acres of public land

  • Fantastic biking & hiking trails (over 300 miles of hiking & over 250 miles non-motorized shared use)

  • Excellent climbing crags

  • Cross Country Ski trails

  • 40 Miles of the Appalachian Trail, including Mid-Point and AT Museum

  • Caledonia State Park, Mont Alto, Kings Gap, Pine Grove Furnace State Park

  • Cumberland Valley Rail Trail

  • Back Roads & Dirt Roads and more!  (124 miles of public use roads 82 miles of snowmobile trails)

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