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Monday, September 12th, 2016 – Monday, October 24th, 2016
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. in Todd Hall 
Act 48 approved for teachers.  Reservations required.
Costs: $50.00 per member; $65 per nonmember; $10 per session

Essentials of Cumberland County History:  People, Places, and Times

            Jeff Wood has presented the Fall Series at the Society since 2000. He is the owner of the Whistlestop Bookshop, is past-President of the Cumberland County Historical Society and past-President of the Bosler Memorial Library. Every year the Fall Series has retold the history of the county from its founding to the present day.


 The title of this year’s seven sessions is “Essentials of Cumberland County History:  People, Places, and Times.”  The series will be a basic introduction to local and regional history from colonial times to the present.  Each week the topic will be presented with a central story about particular people in the county and the historical context of their adventures. The stories will be drawn from all over the county.  The series consists of lectures and audience discussion.  It will be supported with power point tours of relevant county sites, events, and objects of interest from local collections and the Historical Society’s archives.  

September 12 Frontier Valley:  European settlement of the Valley was ahead of legal permission from Philadelphia and London.  We will look at who was stretching the law, what risks they took, and what happened to them.


September 19   Wars of Empire:  The martial spirit was here from the beginning.  But was it organized?  How was it directed?  Did it help or hinder the growth and development of the County?  Is the County a “good soldier” or a “loose cannon”?

September 26   Boroughs, Towns, and Villages:  peace and quiet and civil order seemed like a good idea before the great storm of the Civil War broke out.  Why was it so impossible?

October 3 Common Good Done by Uncommon Women:  after the Civil War, there was an extraordinary run of public good works by County women.
October 10   Where To and How Far:  transportation ruled the county – and still does.  Indian trails to railroads to highways and warehouses.

October 17   Thinking Ahead:  parks and natural areas of the county.  How they happened and what they are worth.

October 24The Loss of Signal Hill:  why local history is fun, and why it always seems in danger.