book knowledge

  1. Do you sell new or secondhand books?  Both.  We sell new books and book-related items in the store, and we sell secondhand books on special book carts outside when weather permits.
  2. Do you buy books?  Almost always this question means secondhand books.  At the present time we are buying very rarely, because we are working off a big backlog in storage.  If something exceptional is available, we may be interested.
  3. Do you appraise books?  Not in a formal sense.  I would be happy to tell you from 40 years of experience in the secondhand business what your books may be worth, but I am not a certified appraiser.  Since the condition of the book is so important to its value, I would have to see the book or books.
  4. How would I get a book repaired or rebound?  This is a vanishing art.  I know of no bookbinders in Carlisle.  I recommend Googling "bookbinder" and your area to see what you can find.


  1. May I order to pick up in the store?  Yes!  We encourage this for our local customers since it will save you shipping costs and any possible waiting time at the counter (although we love to talk with our customers as well).
  2. When will my order be in?  If your order is not on hand, we will e-mail an estimated time of arrival.  Most orders take a day or two.

shipping & returns

  1. You will notice shipping charges in the checkout process.  Generally, they are $3.50 as the basis and .50 for each item.
  2. We strive to ship your order media mail with tracking either the same day or within 24 hours.  Contact us if you need it shipped at a faster rate.
  3. Our returns policy is stated in the checkout process as well.  We will be happy to accept returns within 21 days of purchase, receipt strongly advised, and the item in the same condition as when it was sold.  We issue credit immediately.

more interesting questions

  1. What's the cat's name?  Mulan.  When she walked in the open back door in 2011 and decided to stay, I called her "Cat" for the first two days.  Then she stretched out on a pile of Chinese history books on the sale table and gave me a look of expectancy.  So I came up with an admirable and inspiring female name from Chinese history.  No, I have not seen the Disney movie.
  2. Is she friendly?  As befits a reformed street cat, she is wary.  Respect her space, and she will decide whether to grace you with her attention.
Mulan, Valentine's eve, 2014.

Mulan, Valentine's eve, 2014.